July 7, 2018

Calvin talks all things


The Playoffs Are Here!

January 2, 2018

Join Calvin on the first show of 2018 as he breaks down what happened in Week 17 and gives his thoughts on his picks for Wild Card Weekend in the NFL!


Week 16 Recap/ Week 17 New Year’s Eve Preview

December 26, 2017

Calvin gets on it the day after Christmas to discuss who got gifts and who got coal this holiday season and also previews what’s in store for team’s as the New Year rings in!


Week 16 is here! And Week 15 was whack

December 19, 2017

Calvin reviews the wild Week 15 in the NFL and gets to preview all the great (and mostly not-so-great) action coming in Week 16! Tune in!


Week 14 Analysis/Week 15 Picks

December 11, 2017

Calvin discusses what happened this week in the NFL world as things begin to ramp up late in the season while also breaking down the games you need to be tuned into next week!


Week 13 Reaction/Week 14 Picks

December 4, 2017

Calvin is back and breaks down all (most) of the Week 13 action + Previews and Picks winners for Week 14!


Week 9 Headlines/Predicitions

November 2, 2017

Calvin breaks down Week 9 in the NFL and gives out his thoughts on Headline Trades from across the league!


Week 8 NFL Headlines/Predictions

October 25, 2017

Calvin gives his thoughts on major headlines developing in the NFL and gives his picks for Week 8!


10/18: Setting the Record Straight

October 18, 2017

Calvin is back and so is football talk on the local and national level! Tune in to his Wednesday Thoughts and see what he has to say on all things football!


9/26: Calvin is Solo!

September 26, 2017

Calvin is all alone on this special Tuesday edition of the show! Join him as he discusses the three biggest headlines coming out of Week 3 and going into Week 4 of the season!